Who We Are
Simon, Altman & Kabaker Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. of Encino, CA is a life insurance firm focusing on filling our valued clients’ needs. We always place our clients’ best interests before our firm’s financial consideration. We employ all of the best tools the insurance industry has to offer. The combined experience of our three partners exceeds 100 years in the insurance services business. Our clients range from individuals, estates, corporations and groups. Indeed, creating Group Insurance Plans is one area where our firm excels.

What We Do

We protect our clients, their families, their businesses and their advisors from insurance confusion. Often we use life insurance as the engine to accomplish innovative and specific objectives beyond simply insuring a loved one’s life. For example, we move money between generations to capture the estate tax efficiencies called for in the estate plan; we defer income for boards of directors; we provide a valued employee perk in the form of long term care insurance. Our practice focuses on providing solutions for professionals in estate planning, retirement planning, asset planning, profit sharing plans, group disability insurance plans and succession planning.

Our Philosophy

For over 20 years Simon, Altman & Kabaker Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. has successfully built its business by working closely with professional advisors who refer us their most challenging cases. Our firm’s intense allegiance to our most valued alliances will never change. We commit to deliver on the promises we make. It is our desire to create an enjoyable relationship with all those who choose to work with us.

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